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Oxygen Administration and Therapy Course

$45.50 Inquire

This course is designed for people who want to learn how and when to administer oxygen therapy. This is an advanced training geared for those who have already taken first aid and are looking to advance their skills. Ideal for lifeguards, first responders, nurses, etc. Get hands on training with the oxygen tank, regulator, and learn how to use the delivery devices that attach to the tank (BVM, non-rebreather mask, pocket mask, etc).

The Oxygen Administration course covers:

  • How and when to use oxygen in an emergency
  • How to assemble an oxygen tank and regulator

  • Equipment used with oxygen (Bag Valve Mask, non-rebreather mask, pocket mask)

  • Flow rates for oxygen administration (LPM)
  • Learn how to recognize and treat respiratory emergencies

4 Hours – Half Day

Certification: Valid for two years

Course Cost: $45.50 / person

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