WSIB First Aid Kit:
16–200 Employees

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Current First Aid Pocket Manual

1 CPR Face Shield and One Way Valve
4 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
1 Basin – Plastic
24 Gauze Pads Individually Wrapped 2” x 2”
2 Roll Adhesive Tape (1”)
48 Adhesive Dressings Individually Wrapped
8 Rolls of Gauze Bandage (2” wide)
8 Rolls of Gauze Bandage (4” wide)
6 Compress Dressings
2 Emergency Blankets
1 Pair of Paramedic Shears
12 Triangular Bandages
24 safety pins
1 Aluminum Malleable Padded Splint

This first aid kit meets the WSIB requirement for a workplace
of 16-200 employees in Ontario. By default this kit is stocked
in a soft, easy to carry first aid bag. All of our first aid kits can
be changed to meet any provincial regulation.

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