Car Rescue Tool

This device is designed to save your life in the event of an emergency by giving you an emergency exit from your vehicle. In the event of an accident the doors and windows often jam leaving you trapped inside. With this device you now have a way to exit your vehicle quickly. Simply press the black end to the rescue tool against the window and with only a little pressure the firing pin will safely break the glass.

With the growing number of roadside accidents, everyone should be prepared for exiting their vehicle. This emergency car rescue tool was designed as a compact solution for both drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. Designed to puncture and break the side windows of the vehicle and cut through jammed seat belts.


  • LED Light

  • Window breaking firing pin that resets for multiple uses

  • Only requires 12 lbs of pressure to activate firing pin

  • Safe to be in your pocket


Window Breaker Operation Instructions:*

Remove the cap and press the trigger of the firing pin against the until it clicks. The click releases the firing pin which will shatter the window

Item Number: 103-SU

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