November is CPR Month!

In the event of an emergency would you know what to do? November has been recognized in Canada as CPR Month to help spread the awareness and importance of learning CPR. CPR is a very important skill that is easy to learn and could save someone’s life one day!

Approximately 45,000 cardiac arrests occur each year in Canada and over 70% of these happen at home. Recognizing when to call 911 and knowing how to perform CPR can make the difference. Since the 2005 standards change, learning CPR has become easier than ever. CPR may not be as complex as you once remembered. However there are still many people who would not feel comfortable performing CPR in the event of an emergency. That is why taking a CPR course is so important and we want to help.

Pulse First Aid Ottawa is offering a special promotion of 25% off all private CPR/AED training courses that are schedule before November 30. The training course can even be for a later date! Get your family, friends, or workplace trained today.

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