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Pulse First Aid: Basic First Aid Training, First Aid Kits, CPR courses, and AED for Greater Ottawa area including Kanata, Orleans, Cornwall, Brockville and more.

When accidents happen in your home or workplace, immediate first aid should be applied to prevent the condition from worsening and more importantly, to save a life until definitive medical treatment is given. In this case, having first aid kits at hand and knowing how to use them are extremely important.

Pulse First Aid believes that everyone should have the basic skills to feel prepared and confident in the event of an emergency. It is our mission to help residents and businesses in the Ottawa area (including Kanata, Orleans, Cornwall, Brockville) to prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies through realistic training, first aid kits, and using an AED.

First Aid Training and CPR Courses
Pulse First Aid Ottawa specializes in bringing first aid training and CPR courses to businesses and residents in the greater Ottawa area and nearby cities like Brockville, Cornwall, Kingston. We perform on-site trainings, bringing our experienced staff and top-of the line equipment to you.

WSIB certified first aid courses taught using a variety of WSIB authorized programs
• Large selection of first aid courses to choose from (first aid, CPR, AED, oxygen administration)
• Customizable programs to meet your business and working reality
• On-site trainings and hands-on practice with realistic situations
• High quality training manikins, simulation equipment, and audio-visual equipment
• Experienced instructors who are animated, entertaining, and knowledgeable

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
Without AED, the chance of survival of a person who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest decreases up to 10% for each minute that passes. AED assesses the patient’s heart rhythm, judges whether administration of electric shock (defibrillation) is needed, and is used to administer one should it be found necessary. AEDs are designed for use by both medical and non-medical individuals. Training can ensure that you and your staff are prepared in the event the AED must be used in an emergency.

Pulse First Aid helps groups and workplaces choose the AED unit that works best for them. We can provide information regarding the following:

• How AED works
• When they should be used
• Frequently asked questions / myth busters
• Popular unit brands
• Setting up an AED program

Call us TODAY at 613-799-8285 to inquire about our AED, first aid training, CPR courses, or first aid kits.

Pulse First Aid serves the greater Ottawa area and nearby cities like Kanata, Orleans, Brockville, Cornwall, Kingston and more.

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